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  1. Healing Growth
    Healing Growth
    Green qz freeform droplets, sterling $35.00, #E300
  2. Healing Waters
    Healing Waters
    Shaded blue chalcedonies, peridot, TT $95.00 #E301
  3. Water in Clouds
    Water in Clouds
    Blue chalcedony, lemon quartz, blue qz sterling $115.00 #E302
  4. Sun & Sky
    Sun & Sky
    Lemon qz, Austrian crystal Peridot VM $95.00 #E303
  5. Joyful Flight
    Joyful Flight
    Vermeil, Austrian crystal $45.00 #E304
  6. Dark Moon
    Dark Moon
    FW black pearl, amethyst, $35.00 #E305
  7. Abide in Joy
    Abide in Joy
    Joy reverses, sterling frame, $35.00 #E306
  8. Ocean Traveler
    Ocean Traveler
    Abalone, Hill Tribe Silver Fish $65.00 set #E307
  9. Gentle Strength
    Gentle Strength
    Lapis elephants vermeil drop reverses $35.00, #E308
  10. Long Life
    Long Life
    Lapis Lazuli turtle carving $45.00, #E309
  11. Hidden Treasure
    Hidden Treasure
    Crystal qz 'flower' on sterling post $65.00 #E310
  12. Transformation
    Amethyst, butterflies reverse $35.00 #E311
  13. Fresh Water
    Fresh Water
    Keshi freshwater pearls, sterling $20.00 #E312
  14. Open To Flow
    Open To Flow
    Pierced abalone shell, sterling $55.00 #E313
  15. Angel Dust
    Angel Dust
    Druzy quartz sterling $115.00 #E314
  16. Sparkling Clarity
    Sparkling Clarity
    Peacock blue apatite, druzy qz 'blooms' sterling $55.00 #E317
  17. Soothe the Soul
    Soothe the Soul
    Black FWP, peridot, amethyst, garnet $35.00 #E315
  18. Uplift
    Oceanic blue amazonite, peridot $35.00 #E316
  19. Sacred Cairn
    Sacred Cairn
    Tourmalinated Quartz, sterling $35.00 #E318
  20. Water & Sky
    Water & Sky
    Oceanic blue Austrian crystal, Vermeil $65.00 #E320
  21. Forest Sanctuary
    Forest Sanctuary
    Bronze keshi FW pearls, turquoise jumble, sterling/gf $55.00 #E319
  22. Crystal Clouds
    Crystal Clouds
    Aquamarine, quartz cloud crystal, sterling $55.00 #E321
  23. Seeing Stars
    Seeing Stars
    Peridot, Turkish sterling reversible star pattern $55.00 #E322
  24. Water Spirit
    Water Spirit
    Carved mother of pearl koi, peridot $65.00 #E323
  25. Grounded
    Matte river stones, sterling silver $20.00 #E324