Welcome to Abide In Radiance Designs
For over 30 years, Donna Yarger has collaborated with clients and craftsmen to create art that infuses daily life with beauty and joy. She is a Crystal Energist, Reiki Master, and lifelong student, and lives to share the abundant joy and gifts that flow through her deep connection with Nature.

The current Radiance Collection blends elemental energies of gems, organic materials, and metals chosen for their natural abilities to uplift, awaken, amplify and heal.
Radiance Gem Designs are ever-changing; some are worn as jewelry, others shift energy in your home or work environment. Reiki energy attunement and immersion in quartz crystal bowl sound vibration amplify the power inherent in the “heART” of Radiance Gems. They are a vehicle for the resonant energies of peace, joy and harmony, and the energetic gifts they carry bless all who come in contact with them.
Radiance Designs entrain the body, mind and spirit with energies that support your natural ability to transform from the inside-out.  Each design can also be infused with a personal intention of your choice.
Donna supports local charitable organizations by donating a percentage of the sales of her designs, which are available by private consultation, and at the following locations:

Foosaner Art Museum, 1463 Highland Ave. Melbourne, FL

Ruth Funk Center for Textile Arts, 150 W. University Blvd. Melbourne, FL